AG 1 Communications

Herdmann Dr. Frank Herdmann
Head of AG 1

+49 30 771 90 321

Purpose and Communication Plan

The purpose of ISO/TC 262 AG 1 is promoting and raising awareness of the TC 262 work program and assisting the work of TC 262 through effective communication and consultation with stakeholders.

In July 2015 ISO/TC 262/AG 01 adopted its Communication Plan which was updated in December 2015. It now describes basically three modules of communication that will be used or developed in the future:

  1. The »Information Release« in a form similar to press releases to inform the public on TC 262, published standards and ongoing projects on a case by case basis in a regular/ongoing and timely manner
  2. AG 1 is responsible for setting up the ISO/TC 262 website
  3. AG 1 will provide briefings on ISO 31000 and Guide 73, as well as further material to inform interested parties on the core ideas and content of the deliverables of ISO/TC 262.


AG 1 Contact

ThomDr. Christian Thom
Head Support to AG 1

+ 49 30 2601 2443