WG 2 Core Risk Management Standards

Prof. Dr. Bruno Brühwiler
Convenor WG 2



ISO/TC 262/WG 2 Core risk management standards was created in 2013. Its scope is to be responsible for the maintenance ISO 31000, ISO Guide 73 and any other standards that TC 262 assigns to it. TC 262 accepted with resolution 2013/06 the recommendation from WG 2 to carry out a limited revision of ISO 31000 Risk management – Principles and guidelines and ISO Guide 73 Risk management – Vocabulary. TC 262 also accepted with resolution 2014/03 the design specifications developed by ISO/TC 262/WG 2 for this task.

After considerable endeavors to study the implications of a limited revision ISO/TC 262 WG 2 recommended and TC 262 agreed that WG 2 stopped the limited revision and concentrated its resources to a full technical revision. By now CD has been circulated for comment and ballot.


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