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contact-3Interviews with members in mirror committees of participating members of TC 262  are published here:


Risk Management globally –  Belgium and ISO 31000

Adriana Cavaliere is a member of Belgium’s mirror committee to ISO/TC 262. As a Business Engineer with a risk management degree, Adriana has built a strong expertise in Risk Management in various environments, industrial as well as services. She describes the two-speed evolution of risk management in Belgium with enhanced progression within the financial services industry. But she acknowledges that they still see very often risk management in silos with different frameworks and standards.

Interview (2017-10-17)


Risk Management and ISO 31000  in Morocco

Abdelaziz Sadiki is the chairman of Morocco’s mirror committee to TC 262. He has worked in the private sector of the textile industry before joining the Ministry of Industry as an expert and consultant for the Technical Center for Textiles. IMANOR, the Institut Marocain de Normalisation, which is the national standardization organization in Morocco, adopted ISO 31000 in 2011 and conducted several training sessions. Abdelaziz explains that risk management is taken into account in the major Moroccan industries in their organizational activities.

Interview (2017-09-12)


Risk Management and ISO 31000  in Bulgaria

Nevena Kolarova is chairperson of Bulgaria’s mirror committee to TC 262. She has more than 30 years of professional experience with the Bulgarian standardization body BDS. She comments that ISO 31000 was adopted in the Republic of Bulgaria as a national standard with translation into Bulgarian in 2011. Also, Nevena explains that it is a major obstacle to the development of risk management in line with ISO 31000 that most Bulgarian manufacturers are small to midsize enterprises with unstable flow of small orders.

Interview (2017-08-21)


Risk Management and ISO 31000  in Poland

Slawomir Pijanowski is a member of Poland’s mirror committee to TC 262 and the president of the POLRISK Risk Management Association. PKN, the Polish Committee for Standardization adopted and published ISO 31000 in 2012 translated into Polish. Slawomir explains that risk management is regulatory driven in Poland, the biggest obstacles for integrating risk management being what he calls the »Slavic Soul«. Also, Slawomir expresses his concern about simplifying and shortening the standard in the ongoing revision.

Interview (2017-07-31)


ISO 31000  and Risk Management  in India

Rajeev Thykatt is the convenor of the Indian mirror committee to TC 262. He started his career as a practicing lawyer and gradually moved to corporate roles in risk management. V K Jain is the chairman of MSD 4 of the Bureau of Indian Standards which is the supervisory committee for the mirror committee. He is a retired Mechanical Engineer with a track record in supply chain management. They explain India’s tradition in risk management standard development since 2005 and the significance of risk management for companies in India amongst others due to the requirements of the Companies Act 2013. They also mention the obstacles for risk management in India.

Interview (2017-06-30)


Risk Management and ISO 31000  in Italy

Roberto Ravaglia is the Secretary of the Italian mirror committee to TC 262. He is a nuclear engineer with 30 years of experience in standardization. With the support from Gennaro Bacile, the convenor of the Italian group on risk management, he gives a detailed report on the development of risk management in Italy where ISO 31000 was adopted and translated and is available as UNI ISO 31000. Roberto invites new stakeholders to become part of the Italian mirror committee providing contact data.

Interview (2017-06-23)


Risk Management and ISO 31000  in  Portugal

António de Almeida Júnior is the chairman of Portugal’s mirror committee to TC 262. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and was the founder and president of the Portuguese Association for Quality. Mr. Almeida received the commendation of the Order of Merit in the Industry Class of the Portuguese State. IPQ, the Portuguese national standardization organization adopted ISO 31000 as a national standard and companies involved in public contracts are key stakeholders of risk management. António explains that as corporate culture seems to be the biggest obstacle to integrating risk management in all organizational activities he believes people training focused in a major cultural change is needed in Portugal.

Interview (2017-06-16)


Risk Management and ISO 31000  in  Sri Lanka

Samanthie Narangoda is a Director of Sri Lanka’s Standards Institution SLSI. She is an Engineer by profession. SLSI is a participating member in ISO/TC 262 and has adopted ISO 31000 as a Sri Lanka standard. Currently a national mirror committee to TC 262 is in the process of being established and SLSI plans to conduct a training program based on ISO 31000 and IEC 31010.

Interview (2017-06-02)


Risk Management and ISO 31000  in  Mexico

María Fernanda Jiménez was a founder of the Mexican mirror committee to TC 262. She became the first Mexican to earn a Master Degree in Risk Management. Currently she is working with the insurance industry having before collaborated primarily with banks. She has published a number of articles available at academia.edu. María points out that ISO 31000 can be a great support for all kind of organizations that operate in Mexico providing the same language for Risk Management and meeting the international recommendations. She doesn’t conceal the difficulties evolving from the territorial proximity to the US: asked about risk management people tend to mention COSO rather than ISO 31000.

Interview (2017-05-26)


Risk Management and ISO 31000  in  Turkey

Alpaslan Menevse is the Chairman of the mirror committee to TC 262 in Turkey. He is the head of the Risk Management Department at Sekerbank T.A.S., a large Turkish bank and was responsible for implementing ISO 31000 throughout the organization. Alpaslan explains that the ISO 27000 and the ISO 9000 families are the most common standards applied in Turkey while ISO 3100 seems to be almost an educational standard for risk management with most Universities teaching the subject. From his point of view ISO 31000 needs to redefine itself if it wants to expand its horizon. It has to become accepted because of its practical application.

Interview (2017-05-12)


Risk Management in  New Zealand and ISO 31000

Chris Peace is the Chairman of the mirror committee to TC 262 in New Zealand. He was born in UK but emigrated to New Zealand in 1980 where after work in insurance as loss control engineer and risk consultant he set up RiskManagement LTD. Chris is the chairman of New Zealand’s mirror committee to TC 262. Recent studies suggest that ISO 31000 is widely used across all sectors of business except probably finance. He mentions that the strong emphasis on some management system standards would prevent full risk management in New Zealand. As a further issue Chris points at the size of organizations with about 98% being small- or medium-sized businesses lacking resources.

Interview (2017-05-05)


Risk Management in  Ireland and ISO 31000

Gerard Joyce is the Chairman of the Irish mirror committee to TC 262 who participated since 2006 fully in the development of ISO 31000. He has worked throughout Europe which gives him a multicultural and multilingual background. He suggests to better communicate that ISO 31000 is not a »limiting standard« but and »enabling standard« to support organizations in realizing that risk management »creates and protects value«. In his view, incorrect perception in this context in particular at the top of the organization is a big obstacle for integrating risk management in all organizational activities. Managers should be aware that they are doing a lot of what should be done intuitively and following the guidance of the standard will improve the performance of the organization.

Interview (2017-04-27)


Risk Management in  Austria and ISO 31000

Eckehard Bauer is another regular at TC 262 meetings who unfortunately was prevented from attending the Amman meeting. As vice president of Quality Austria, he is responsible for the fields of safety, transport, Business Continuity Management and Risk Management. He is a member of the mirror committee of the Austrian Standards Institute (ASI). He explains that while there is a great interest in Risk management in Austria due to the risk based approach and risk based thinking in other standards ONR 49000 and its companion standards (based on ISO 31000) is of greater importance in Austria than ISO 31000 itself. Companies seem to put more emphasis on other ISO standards that apply what is called a risk based approach.

Interview (2017-04-21)


Risk Management globally –  Brazil and ISO 31000

Alberto Bastos participated in almost all the meetings since the beginning of the work to develop ISO 31000. He is the coordinator of the Brazilian National Risk Management Committee within ABNT responsible for standardization in risk management. Regarding the latest drafts of ISO 31000 in his opinion TC 262 did a good job in not changing the original standard too much but simplifying and better explaining and adjusting some text based on the experiences and feedback of companies that are applying ISO 31000. He describes the strong active participation of Brazil in the development of risk management standards almost simultaneously publishing the equivalent national standards in Portuguese.

Interview (2017-04-16)


Risk Management and ISO 31000 in the United States

With Carol Fox we continue the new series of interviews with Chairpersons and members of mirror committees of NSBs of participating members. Carol is the Chairwoman of US TAG the American mirror committee to TC 262. She is Vice President, Strategic initiatives at RIMS, the Risk Management SocietyTM a global non-for-profit professional organization. Carol points out that ISO 31000 is a source for guidance on risk management listed by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget in its OMB Circular No. A-123, Management’s Responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control for federal executive agencies. She explains that in her view over the past five years there was a significant shift for building risk management competencies as a competitive advantage in the United States.

Interview (2017-04-07)


weis-u-300dpi%c2%b2Risk Management and ISO 31000 in Germany

Prof. Dr. Udo Weis is the Chairman of the German mirror committee to TC 262. With him we start a new series of interviews as we covered all delegates to Amman who were able to participate in the last series.Udo Weis is a trained chemist with an MBA in international business. He has worked for over 25 years in national and international standardization. He explains why ISO 31000 was not adopted in Germany and what is the basis for risk management in Germany. Udo also dares to take a view at the future of the standard. His credo is that bad managers manage problems and good managers manage risk.

Interview (2017-03-31)