The Chairman February 2018

jb-300dpi%c2%b2Jason Brown
Chairman TC 262



Jason Brown is the Chair of the Australian Mirror Committee for Security and Resilience and its liaison representative on the Australian New Zealand Joint Technical Committee for Risk Management.  He has been involved with standardisation work since 1992 in areas of risk management, imagery, security and safety.

He has held senior executive positions in government and private enterprise in areas managing risk related to safety, security, project management and people development.

Message from the Chairman

There has rarely been a more important time to understand, develop and apply the management of risk to real world requirements.  We live in a complex and highly volatile world, where our goals and objectives face multiple hazards and threats, but also there is great opportunity.

The broad adoption of ISO 31000 has allowed governments. businesses and individuals to better manage risk and communicate issues associated with risk across national and cultural barriers.

A strategic approach to building awareness and acceptance of risk management and engagement with its development, at the enterprise, operational and in areas of specific applications, is a key challenge for our committee.

Such a strategic approach will build on the knowledge and contributions of our experts, and their global networks, to provide best practice at all levels of risk management.