Projects Cancelled

ISO/CD Guide 73 Risk management – Vocabulary

It was planned to review and update Guide 73 in tandem with ISO/CD 31000. The Work Item was cancelled on November 13th, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro.

ISO/NP 31020 Risk management – Managing Disruption Related risk

This new standard was intended to be consistent with ISO 31000 and to be designed to be a com­panion standard, providing guidance on working with disruption related risk applicable to both organizational and social objectives. The Work Item was cancelled in November 2016 on formal grounds.

ISO/AWI 31021 Managing Supply Chain Risk – A Compiliation of Best Practices

The new standard was to provide guidance and current best practices for developping and embedding a framework and process  of risk management in supply chain management applicable to any type of organization, and its supply chain, regardless of size. The Work Item was cancelled in November 2016 on formal grounds.