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contact-knowledgebaseCase Studies draw on real life experiences of businesses drawing on the Standard to support their objectives. Those experiences reflect the pre-existing conditions.

The first item is a contribution from France by Françoise Gaucher who is Risk Manager Expert of Groupe La Poste. Also, she is the Chairperson to the French Mirror Committee to TC 262. The French group La Poste, a major public company based on a multi-business model refers to ISO 31000 since 2015.

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ISO/DIS 31000 approved by a clear majority – TC 262 meeting in California scheduled

Comments and votes on ISO/DIS 31000 have been submitted and a clear majority has approved the draft international standard. The next meeting of ISO/TC 262 will take place from July 10th to July 14th in Sunnyvale, California. It will open and close with Technical Committee plenaries while the rest of the time will mostly be spent in Working Group 2 meetings doing the bulk of the work. (photo: TrenchFreeTM)

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Review of the TC 262 Strategic Business Plan

The ISO/TC 262 SBP (Strategic Business Plan) is up for revision. TC 262 created Ad‑Hoc group 02 to start the revision of its SBP. This group started working in March and is discussing the SBP. It is also canvassing TC 262 members to gather ideas for future work and it is discussing recommendations on numbering an titling for TC 262. Stakeholders are invited to look at the current edition of the SBP for TC 262 which was created in 2013 and which is available to the public for free on the ISO Website and send in their remarks to the secreariat.

ISO 31000 Quo Vadis?

disISO 31000 has been circulated as DIS (Draft International Standard) on February 17th and is now available for public review. Interested Parties should contact their National Standardization Bodies listed on Togerther with the experts who worked on the DIS isotc262 reports on the status of the ongoing revision explaining the key changes compared to the 2009 version and discussing why those changes have been made – informing you first-hand on the work of the Technical Committee.

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Jason Brown takes office as the new Chairman of TC 262

jb-300dpi%c2%b2Following TMB approval on February 9th, 2017, Jason Brown, who had been nominated the new chairman of TC 262 by BSI, took office. He succeeded Kevin Knight.

Jason is a corporate director in Thales in Australia with a range of global responsibilities and extensive standards experience. He talked to about his career, his journey to risk management and his views on the future of TC 262.

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TC 262 in Work Mode: the Amman Meeting 2016

tc262-in-ammanTC 262 Working Group 2 tackled over 865 technical comments to CD 3 of ISO 31000 by breaking up into four task groups and good coordination between them facilitated by Helen Foster (Australia and Awad Loubani (Canada) ensuring consistency of the evolving document. The new draft presented at the end of the week to the TC will be issued as DIS after some final editing and will be considerably shorter than the 2009 version of the standard.

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JSMO hosted the TC 262 Meeting in Amman

jsmo-logoOn Monday Oct. 17th.. JSMO, the Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization welcomed Technical Committee 262 in Amman acknowledging the important role of  standardization and risk management  in global business. Until October 21st, JSMO hosted the TC 262 meeting in Amman. JSMO is one  of Jordan’s Centers of Excellence. JSMO is the National Standards Body in Jordan. One of their objectives is raising awareness in Jordan and all Arab countries on risk management. Dr. Haydar AlZaben, Director General of JSMO welcomed Technical Committee 262 at their plenary meeting on Friday:

Opening Address Dr. Haydar

We have taken the opportunity of the meeting in Amman to interview the Head of the Jordan delegation to the TC 262 meeting asking questions about Risk Management and the use of ISO 31000 in Jordan.

Interview (2016-10-14)